How to identify the KN95 mask that suits you


     The first thing is to smell, the inside and outside of the mask should not have any peculiar smell, and then the ears cannot be strangled after wearing the ear-hanging style. This is the most basic condition for a good mask. We summarize the following four points:

     Take a look: check whether the inner side of the mask that fits the face is shiny, and whether it is free of broken hairs (broken hairs, stains, yellowish, or color casts are inferior products);

Second touch: whether the whole mask is soft, smooth and not rough by hand, a good non-woven fabric is soft and very skin-friendly;

Three smells: smell carefully if there is any peculiar smell. Smell it from the fabric surface to the ear straps, if there is a peculiar smell, it is a defective product;

     Four wears: put it on to see if it is squeezing the ears. The nose wire of the mask should be long enough to make the mask fit well on the bridge of the nose, and the tip of the nose and face should not be itchy. If the ears are irritated or irritated, it is considered defective.

In terms of weight, a typical five-layer KN95 mask weighs between 75g and 90g each.