How is the double-core nose wire shaped?


The so-called double core means that there are two metal wires in the middle of the nose wire. In terms of the manufacturing process of our nose wire, the double-core nose wire is made of high-quality PP plastic material and high-temperature galvanized iron wire. No fluorescent brightener is added, and it is made by a nose wire extruder; in the same specifications The shaping effect of the double core is better than that of the single core. If the width of the nose wire exceeds 3mm, the shaping effect of the single core will be much worse. Therefore, the nose wire will use the double core nose wire if the width of the nose wire is more than 3mm; due to the double core manufacturing process and The shaping effect is better than the single core, and the price of the double core will be higher than that of the single core.

Our double-core nose wire can be bent continuously for 10 times without breaking, which can ensure that the mask is not in use when it is folded and folded several times and is still intact; and the middle wire core will not be exposed from the glue by twisting left and right 10 times. The exposed thread ends will accidentally injure the wearer's body. Since double-core has better shaping effect than single-core, should you choose double-core for masks? This is not necessarily true. The use of 3mm single-core nose wire for ordinary non-medical disposable masks is sufficient, and there is no need to pursue double cores and increase costs; for medical disposable masks that require relatively high protection effects, single-core disposable masks cannot be used. The single and double core nose wire must be selected according to the mask, not blindly judged.