The difference between the nose wire


       The daily increase in the foreign epidemic situation is still in the millions, especially in India, with an increase of 150,000 in a single day. However, there are still many people in India who do not use masks. my country has become the world's largest exporter of masks at this stage. The global epidemic contributes its own strength. Today, I will explain to you the characteristics and advantages of the nose bridge strip of the mask:

1. Aluminum coil nose wire: It has the excellent ductility and good airtightness of aluminum nose wire. It is usually sandwiched between non-woven fabrics as a built-in nose wire. It can be used on automatic equipment for fully automatic mask production, which greatly improves work efficiency;

2. Aluminum nose wire: A strip of aluminum strip processed by industrial aluminum stamping. The characteristics of the aluminum strip are: smooth surface, no burrs, no hand injury, very good ductility, and no rebound. The back comes with environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive, which can perfectly fit the non-woven fabric, so that the wearer can make good contact with the face, and has the effects of dust prevention and virus isolation;

3. All-plastic nose wire: It is the same as single and double-core nose wire. As a built-in nose wire, it can be produced automatically. The price is lower than that of aluminum nose wire. There is no metal wire in the all-plastic nose wire, only plastic materials, and masks. The non-woven fabrics are similar and compatible, and they are very environmentally friendly in terms of recycling;

4. Single and double-core nose wire: The shaping effect is slightly worse than that of aluminum nose wire, but the cost is lower. It can also be fully automated and has a higher production capacity. The current KN95 mask basically uses 5mm dual-core nose wire.