How to wear a mask to prevent the virus?


How to wear a mask with nose wire:

1. You must clean your hands before and after wearing the mask. Wear the mask according to the packaging instructions and keep the mask close to your face. Pinch the bridge of the nose to make it fit perfectly with the bridge of the nose. Be sure to cover both the mouth and the nose. Some people just cover the mouth and it is not correct, because the nose is the main way for the body to get in and out of air.


2. Do not wear masks on both sides in turn, because the outer side is easy to absorb germs. If you don't clean it, wear the outer side and then inward, it is easy to be infected with germs.


3. Some people sweat and moisten their masks. Once the masks are wet, they cannot effectively resist the invasion of the virus. At this time, they should change their masks cleanly. It is best to prepare a few more masks for easy replacement and washing.


4. It is not advisable to wear a mask for too long. Generally, 6 hours is the upper limit. Otherwise, if you cannot breathe fresh air for a long time, your own resistance will decrease. If you want to take off the mask for ventilation, you must go to a clean area without virus infection and a place where people are not concentrated.