Outing in spring


      The heavy rain on Friday extinguished the already fiery heart. Fortunately, God's kindness did not let us plan a week-long outing trip in vain. The rain stopped early on Saturday morning, the sun was shining, and everything recovered. Quickly get up and call to inform colleagues that it is clear, and prepare personal belongings to go to the company to gather.

      Around 8:30, everyone came to the company to gather and set off for Heyuan. Singing constantly along the way, after an hour of high speed and 50 minutes of expressway, finally came to Heyuan Yequgou. Girl Chun came to the world quietly with her light footsteps, embellishing this great world for people. As she walked across the river, the fish immediately swam freely in the water, frolicking, chasing her across the mountains, the grass on the mountain broke out, and the flowers rushed to bloom, fighting for beauty. She came to the wilderness, the hillside, the sky, and the pasture wherever she went, the breath of spring was everywhere, and there was a vibrant, prosperous scene everywhere.


     I watched the peak while taking pictures, watching the water catching fish, stepping on the net red bridge, swinging on the childhood swing, weighing a thousand jins, and unknowingly climbing to the top. At this time, after noon, take a nap on the spot. Go back the same way. Perhaps it was past noon because of the hunger, or maybe it was because of the tiredness of walking up the mountain. The way down the mountain was more difficult. Some legs were weak. It was already more than four o'clock in the afternoon when I returned to the foot of the mountain. Everyone was so hungry that their chests were pasted on their backs, and they chose a farmhouse nearby to have a meal happily, and prepare to go to bed at night when they were full of food and tea. End this day's outing journey of Purking technology in the sound of goodbye.