The difference between PUR hot melt adhesive and hot melt adhesive


    Hot melt adhesive has a wide variety of adhesives and various materials, including EVA glue, pressure sensitive adhesive, PA glue, PES glue, etc. PUR hot melt adhesive is also one of them. Different hot melt adhesives are suitable for different products, but the properties of PUR hot melt adhesives are still very different from other hot melt adhesives. Today we will explain the specific differences.


Advantages of PUR hot melt adhesive 

Most of the hot melt adhesives undergo a physical reaction when they are bonded. The molten state is operated by heating, sprayed onto the adhered object and then cooled and bonded. After heating again, the adhesive will become fluid and lose its viscosity; PUR hot melt adhesives are irreversible The chemical reaction will react with the moisture in the air after heating operation, and it will not melt if heated again after the reaction.

Therefore, the PUR hot melt adhesive bond is stronger.