Hot melt glue machine can be used in which fields?


Hot melt glue machine can be used in which fields?
    Hot melt glue machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in industry. In general industry, hot melt glue is heated and melted and then coated and cooled quickly and solidified. It is very effective for bonding some materials.
    Hot melt glue machine can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as in the automotive industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven fabric industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe material industry, medical dressing industry, clothing The service material composite industry and so on.
    Among them, in the home appliance industry, the hot-melt glue machine in the foamed hot-melt glue is widely used in refrigerator sealing and caulking, electronics, and electrical assembly. In the automotive industry, the hot melt machine is used in the manufacture of automobile headlights and rear lights, windshield, door manufacturing, and interior sealing. In the filter industry, the hot melt glue machine is used for air filters without partitions. The bonding is firm and reliable, with good sealing properties, and can meet the physical and chemical properties of the bonded materials. In the bottle cap bonding industry, hot glue melting machines are widely used in the bonding of bottle caps, such as the bonding of some cosmetic bottle caps, liquor bottle caps and necklace pendants. For the non-woven fabric industry, the peptizer can be used on diapers, adult incontinence products, women’s sanitary napkins, medical protective clothing, and can also be used with domestic and foreign equipment. In the packaging industry, hot-melt glue spraying machines can be used for sealing the upper and lower parts of boxes and laminating beverage straws wrapped in packaging paper, laser paper, and packaging color paper. For the packaging and label industry, the hot melt coating machine can be used in the fields of label paper and self-adhesive tape, label double-sided tape and medical breathable tape. In the shoe material industry, the hot glue machine is an indispensable assistant in the bonding of shoe materials.
In addition to the applications in the above industries, hot melt adhesive machines are also used in some emerging industries, which play a very important role in industrial production.