Talking about the effect of hot melt adhesive carbon deposit on glue gun


     Due to its characteristics, the carbon deposition problem of hot melt adhesives is inevitable, but the results are different depending on the type of glue and the flow conditions during use. For example, when the glue is not flowing, the heating device should not be turned on for a long time, because the hot melt glue channel at the glue gun and nozzle is small and the capacity is only a few grams. If the glue is heated for a long time without flowing, it will take a few hours. Carbon deposits will be formed and the nozzle channel will be blocked.


     Therefore, sometimes in order to save the time to reheat the glue after work, it is a wrong way to use the practice of not shutting down after get off work, and it is easy to cause damage to the glue machine due to carbon deposits.