What are the steps to use the PUR bulk melter


PUR bulk melter use steps


1) Connect the power cord of the PUR bulk melter to a three-phase 380V power supply. Note that the rated current of the power switch must be 32A or more, and the power cable must be 6mm2 copper wire or more. At the same time, pay attention to the live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire when wiring. , Do not connect it wrongly; connect the air source to the air inlet of the air oil-water separation outside the plastic cabinet.


2) Turn on the power and air source, after the touch screen starts to display the screen, click to enter the temperature setting page, set the working temperature value, and then switch to the heating page, turn on the heating function to heat the pressure plate, hose, and glue gun to the temperature To set temperature.


3) After the temperature of the pressure plate rises to the working temperature, click on the touch screen to switch to the pressure plate lifting page, raise the pressure plate, put it in the rubber bucket, and lock the bucket hoop.


4) Apply high-temperature lubricating oil on the pressure plate sealing ring and the inner wall of the rubber barrel inlet to facilitate the frictional lubrication between the pressure plate and the rubber barrel.


5) Open the drain valve, press the down button on the touch screen to lower the pressure plate, and aim at the mouth of the rubber bucket until the pressure plate enters the rubber bucket and presses the glue, then click the down button to keep the pressure plate in a down state. , When the glue flows out from the emptying valve port, and after the glue containing bubbles flows out, close the emptying valve, which means that the air in the barrel has been exhausted.


6) Switch to the main page, click the glue pump control button to start the glue pump to make glue