The difference between hot melt glue sticks in winter and summer


     Hot-melt glue sticks used in winter often have the phenomenon that it is difficult to glue and even the glue strips are brittle and break. Especially some high-speed adhesives and high-strength glue sticks are more likely to be glued. This is because hot-melt adhesive rods are greatly affected by the ambient temperature. For example, the essence of hot-melt adhesive curing is the heat dissipation process, while the winter environment temperature is lower and the heat dissipation speed is faster, which invisibly accelerates the curing speed. Glue sticks that can be used well in summer may not be effective in winter, and vice versa. The reason for the unqualified glue stick is often insufficient heating. The measures that can be taken to find this situation are: replace the winter hot melt glue stick, or equip multiple glue guns in one station for alternate use.


      In addition to the above, there are also hot-melt glue sticks that are universal in all seasons. The so-called glue sticks that are universal in all seasons actually balance the temperature difference between winter and summer. The moderate effect can be achieved by adjusting the formula. It is more suitable for general applications, some occasions with special applications are not necessarily suitable, such as fast, high cohesion, low cohesion, slow speed, etc., it is not suitable for the use of four-season general-purpose adhesive strips of.