What you must know about the use of masks


There are some details about the use of masks that everyone must know clearly. Today we will explain what are the precautions.


Not applicable to the crowd

     Not everyone is suitable for wearing masks. For some groups of people, wearing masks can aggravate existing conditions and even be life-threatening. Therefore, we must be clear that the best way for such people is to go out as little as possible.

1. People with heart or respiratory system difficulties (such as asthma and emphysema)

2. Pregnant women

3. Dizziness, difficulty breathing and sensitive skin after wearing.


About fashion masks

     Two or three yuan masks are printed with cute cartoon dolls such as the Pooh bear and sugar rabbit. They are very popular among fashionable women in winter. However, this kind of fashionable mask has no melt blown cloth and no nose wire, so it has no anti-virus effect. Fashion masks are only two layers thick, making it difficult to filter viruses and dust in the air to prevent diseases. Wearing a mask for a long time tends to accumulate viruses and germs. It should be taken off after two hours of use and cleaned and disinfected in time.