Hot melt glue machine is used in food packaging industry


      Why can hot melt glue machine be used for food packaging? Mainly because the hot melt adhesive is non-toxic and tasteless, which can ensure food safety. Hot melt adhesive is solid at room temperature, only melts back at high temperature, and solid after cooling, so food packaging needs to use a hot melt glue machine. The hot melt glue machine can automatically apply glue and can accurately control the amount of glue, which is economical and beautiful. 

      The food industry is an important industry, directly related to consumers' lives and health. With the development of technology and economy, people's living standards are improving, the demand for food is increasing, and the quality of packaging also affects the safety of food. As the saying goes, diseases are imported from the mouth. Consumers not only have higher requirements for food, but also have higher requirements for food packaging. Therefore, the technology of hot melt glue machine is continuously improved. The hot melt glue machine can continuously select the appropriate spraying method according to the needs of customers. For small carton packaging, the hot melt glue machine can generally be matched with a cartoning machine, which automatically sprays glue at the two ends of the carton to realize the automation of food packaging.