Do you know some small details of the mask?


Although my country's domestic epidemic is basically under control, many companies still strictly require employees to wear masks when they go to work. We agree with their approach. Do you have this experience? Some masks have too short ear straps, and the roots of the ears will be more painful after wearing them for a day. For some nearsighted people wearing masks, the glasses often form fog due to the breath of the mouth and nose, and the vision becomes blurred. clear. You should pay attention to these small details when choosing a mask, so there will be no such embarrassing things to release.


1. Wearing method

    There are two types of masks: ear straps or head straps: the upper and lower straps are the head strap, and the left and right straps are the ear strap. If you do not have the habit of wearing a hat and do not worry about the headband affecting your head shape, then it is recommended that you choose a headband mask; it is not convenient for women with long hair to wear a headband mask, so when choosing an earband mask, Try to choose a mask with a longer ear strap (the ear strap cord is usually between 7.5-9cm in length).

2. Accessories design

    For nearsighted people to wear a mask, a sponge nose wire inside the mask is very suitable. The sponge nose bridge can prevent the air exhaled from the nose and mouth from blurring the spectacle lenses, which solves a very big problem especially for driving myopia. At the same time, the sponge strip can also absorb sweat from the bridge of the nose, which can improve the sealing of the bridge of the nose. After wearing a mask, some spectacle wearers may drop or fall off the spectacles at the moment of intentionally lowering their heads. At this time, it is not safe to wrap the ear strap around the base of the ear to fix the spectacles. Strenuous exercise glasses will not slip off.