Talking about the difference between the glue machine and the hot melt glue machine


1. The hot melt glue machine is mainly used to melt the hot melt glue, convert the solid hot melt glue into liquid glue and can be made into dots, strips, mists and other different shapes to spray on the products that need to be bonded. , It has a wide range of applications. It will be used in automobile shops, packaging, clothing, stickers, etc., and the gluing machine is mainly used for cartons, leather goods, footwear, etc. as auxiliary equipment for production, mainly for the laminating process Finish the gluing work.

2. The hot melt glue machine is by adding hot melt glue in the melting tank, Melt the glue in the heating melting tank, Heating hose and coating device. Start the pressurizing device to transport the glue and then start the coating device for spraying according to the process requirements. The gluing machine mainly passes the hot melt glue in the glue storage tank and passes through the rotation of the roller. The material that needs the gluing machine passes through this roller. The hot melt glue on the roller is naturally and evenly applied to the material to be bonded.

3. Improper operation or insufficient maintenance of the hot melt glue machine can easily cause uneven glue spraying, and hot melt glue may have wire drawing, but it has built-in overheat protection, low temperature protection, motor delay start protection, output open circuit or other fault protection functions. It can ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The gluing machine uses rollers to apply gluing, which is simple to operate, evenly gluing, and can control the time device to accurately break the glue.

But every product has advantages and disadvantages. The hot melt glue machine has a wide range of applications, and can adapt to various production processes, and can be sprayed, coated, dotted and other operations. The gluing machine has limited functions. Generally, it is only used to complete the gluing process after the cardboard is laminated to the carton after the printing and die-cutting process.

After reading the above analysis, do you have a certain understanding of the gluing machine and hot melt glue machine?

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