Precautions for dyeing color mask earloop


1. The elements of the original mask earloop blanks The first thing to pay attention to is whether the commonly used yarns of the mask earloop original blanks are of the same batch number. Because the yarns of different batch numbers contain different "oil" conditions, such as blended fabrics, it will become in the whole process of dyeing. Elements of flower type.


2. The working pressure of the cylinders on both sides of the dyeing tank (or padding car, dyeing machine, or dyeing machine) is symmetrical. Elements of the mask ear rope continuous hot-melt dyeing machine generally use pneumatic charging, with a cylinder on each side of the roller.


3. The working pressure size, coaxiality, and strength elements of the dyeing tank rolls. In the production and manufacturing, if you want to minimize the harm of the working pressure of the rolls to the left, middle and right color casts, then the working pressure of the general rolls should be controlled during the earloop dyeing of the mask. Above 0.2MPa. In the process of processing, due to the wear of the rolls, it is stipulated that the rolls should be calibrated and restored on time, otherwise it is very easy to have inconsistent rolls due to the different centers of the rolls and cause the pattern.


4. The hazard of infrared induction pre-baking temperature to the earloop of the mask. After the polyester fabric webbing has been solved before and the process of dipping and dyeing liquid, it is generally solved by infrared (line) pre-drying before entering the hair color box to avoid drying in the air. During the process, the migration of the dye is caused to prevent dyeing defects such as color flowers and color cast on both sides. When the infrared induction pre-baking temperature is less than 80, the color cast on both sides of the webbing is very large, which is difficult to meet the customer's application regulations.


5. The hazard of the color retention temperature of the baking oven to the color of the hair. The color retention of the baking oven is a key component of continuous hot melt dyeing. The uniformity of the color retention temperature of the baking oven plays a dominant role in the left, middle and right color cast of the earloop. effect. After the polyester fabric ribbon is pre-baked by infrared induction and then enters the baking oven, the temperature must be consistent, otherwise it will cause a significant color cast.