Do you know how to buy masks?


At present, there are many types of masks, and each type of mask has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a mask, we must first understand where we wear it and what role we focus on, so that we can choose what we are. The mask is needed. Today I will explain how to buy masks.


Applicable place

    Responding to dust and haze weather (disposable mask), whether it is necessary to prevent oily particles, whether it needs to have the ability to block the splash and penetration of pressurized body fluids (medical mask), whether it needs the ability to resist spark burn through (welding mask), Whether it is necessary to have the function of reducing odor (activated carbon mask).


Style packaging

    Masks generally have three packaging styles: flat, foldable and cup (three-dimensional). The flat and foldable masks occupies a small volume, which is easy to carry and store; the cup-type (three-dimensional) may have a larger facial space. Some, the mask is not easy to collapse, it is a traditional design, it is not very convenient to carry. It is best to choose mask products packed in inner bags to avoid secondary pollution to the greatest extent.


Filtration efficiency

The filtration efficiency is in the range of 80 to 90%, which can be used for general dust and fog (protective masks with filter cotton installed), and the range is 94 to 95% for the protection of various smoke and pathogenic microorganisms, including dust of highly toxic substances (medical KN95 mask).


Degree of tightness

The anti-side leakage design of the mask is a technical element to prevent air from being sucked through the gap between the mask and the human face without being filtered. When the shape of the mask is not close to the face, the dangerous substances in the air will leak in from the side and enter the human respiratory tract. Therefore, the tightness of the mask should be good. The important point to prevent side leakage is to have the nose wire of the mask. Choose Masks with high shaping effect such as aluminum nose wire or double-core nose wire.