Precautions for the installation of hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun


Hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun are indispensable parts of the entire hot melt glue machine spray system. The hot melt hose is used for heat preservation and heating to transport liquid hot melt glue, and the hot melt glue gun is used for heating and spraying hot melt glue. The main machine, hot melt hose, and hot melt glue gun have heating functions. The temperature is relatively high, so you must pay attention to safety during the use of the device.

1. When installing the hot melt hose, the pressure value of the pressure regulating valve needs to be adjusted to zero.


 2. When moving the hot melt glue gun, the nozzle must be protected.


3. Connect the hot melt glue gun to the hot melt hose, and then turn on the power after connecting the hot melt hose to the host of the hot melt glue machine. (Pay attention to the alignment of the screws when connecting to prevent slippage)


 4. The solenoid valve is close to the orientation of the nozzle to prevent prolonged switching time.


 5. The hot melt hose can be hung up during use to prevent movement and wear on the ground. Especially manual hot melt glue machines are basically suspended, which not only protects the hot melt hose, but also saves effort.