Does the new protective mask need no nose wire?


      Recently, a new type of anti-cross-infection mask has appeared on the market, which will provide another new effective solution for humans to fight various respiratory infectious diseases. The principle is to combine the compound nano antibacterial and antivirus layer and PTFE nano membrane as the filter layer. First of all, the nano PTFE membrane (the filtering efficiency of the virus reaches 99%) can prevent the virus on the mask; then, it is adsorbed and killed by the nano silver fiber (after the wide and micro bioassay test, it reaches 99%), which greatly suppresses the virus and bacteria Living space and time. Moreover, the mask can be worn for a long time, saving user costs and reducing the risk of secondary pollution to the environment and humans from discarded masks.


    This new type of mask can filter the front of the mask up to 99%, and the probability of viruses and dust passing through is very small. However, there is another point that the fit of the mask with the face and the bridge of the nose is also very important, because this is the virus that enters the human respiratory tract. Another way. Therefore, it is still very important to choose the nose wire of a mask with good shaping effect. A good nose wire can make the mask fit perfectly on the face and bridge of the nose without leaving any gaps, so that the high protection effect of the mask can be maximized.