Several materials of anti-epidemic masks


     Anti-epidemic masks(5mm nose wire) can not only block bacteria, dust and smoke in the air, but also better maintain the respiratory tract and facial skin. The spring wind is very dry and may blow the skin on the face. Wearing disposable anti-epidemic masks can maintain facial skin. For the price of disposable anti-epidemic masks, girls who love beauty can wear larger anti-epidemic masks and fix their necks together to make themselves young. The weather in autumn is very cold and dry. People suffering from oral diseases use disposable anti-epidemic masks. Manufacturers can better maintain the respiratory tract. People with nasal discomfort should wear anti-epidemic masks as little as possible

   What fabric is good for anti-epidemic masks?

       Non-woven anti-epidemic mask: one is made of absorbent pure cotton gauze or knitted fabric, with various non-woven fabrics in the middle. The other is sewn directly with non-woven fabric. The filtering effect is good, and the air permeability is slightly poor. The new type of non-woven material on the outside and back, and filter paper in the middle, so the disposable non-woven anti-epidemic mask has a higher filtering effect. Gauze anti-epidemic masks are made of sparse cotton fabric through sewing and processing, and are mainly used in working environments with low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors.


       Only one or more adsorbents can be installed in the filter box. Before using it again, you need to carefully check whether the disposable anti-epidemic masks and anti-epidemic masks are still intact. For gauze anti-epidemic masks and face masks, you can use a light transmission method, that is, look at the lamp for obvious light spots. Is the light transmittance of the edge part the same? If in doubt, please replace it with a new one.


       In any case, face masks and anti-epidemic masks are usually updated after 3 to 7 cleanings, and special high-quality anti-epidemic masks can be cleaned 10 times. Activated carbon adsorption anti-epidemic masks should pay attention to regular replacement of the activated carbon middle layer. If the activated carbon middle layer cannot be replaced, it should be replaced after 7 to 14 days. This type of anti-epidemic mask cannot be reused after cleaning.