The effect of the viscosity of hot melt glue stick on the quality of glue


In fact, the inner diameter of the needle of the glue dispenser should be 1/2 of the diameter of the dispensing point. The automatic glue machine has high technical content, but the cost is high!

The viscosity and viscosity of the glue directly affect the glue quality of the glue dispenser.


Manual distribution, the automatic screw machine adopts the principle of manual distributor to distribute electronic products, the process is simple, the cost is low, and the disadvantage is waste of labor!


The principle of the automatic dispenser is to push out the glue with air pressure within a set time.


Just choose the appropriate syringe according to the air pressure, time, and you can easily change the volume of each injection. This can ensure the quality of glue dots and improve production efficiency. When the viscosity is high, the glue spots can be reduced, and even wire drawing can be performed. If the viscosity is small, the glue spots can be increased and the pads can leak. The time of each infusion is controlled by the instrument to ensure that the amount of each infusion is the same. When distributing, you should choose the dispensing needle according to the size of the gasket on the PCB. Choose the same needle but different phase difference gaskets should choose different dispensing needles.