What is the reason for the low glue output of the hot melt glue machine?


      As a national standard hot melt glue machine, the rough model of the pur hot melt glue machine is similar, and each manufacturer changes the color or the size of the chassis according to their own needs. But its internal circuit and heating control system will be different, so you can't be sloppy when choosing pur bulk melter  equipment, you must start the trial before you can better understand the advantages of this hot melt glue equipment, and then you can play what you need. High effect.


1. The viscosity of the pur hot melt adhesive must match the heating temperature. When the viscosity is too high, the heating temperature is too low or the air pressure is not enough, the pur hot melt glue machine host presses the liquid hot melt adhesive into the hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun. Glue blocking will occur when it is in the middle.


2. The quality of pur hot melt adhesive is also very important. Some hot melt adhesives have more impurities. After heating, they are pressed into the glue gun. If the glue is not cleaned for a long time, the body will be blocked, and the amount of glue sprayed will be reduced. This affects the bonding effect, so it is more important to choose high-quality pur hot melt adhesive and to clean the filter in the hot melt adhesive machine regularly.


3. When the pur bulk melter  melts the solid pur hot melt adhesive into a liquid state through the platen, it is mainly completed by electric heating. The hot melt adhesives and bonding materials of different formulations need to set different heating temperatures and temperature settings. Unreasonable setting will cause problems such as too small amount of glue, wire drawing, and degumming.