Cleaning and maintenance of PUR bulk melter


1. Ensure that the PUR bulk melter is used in a clean environment. There should be no infusible solids, impurities, iron filings, screws, wire heads, hard sharp objects and other solid objects on the PUR bulk melter pressure plate.

2. When installing and using the PUR bulk melter, do not place other sundries on the body or use it as a booster.


3. During the transportation and transfer of the PUR bulk melter, it is necessary to always keep the PUR bulk melter vertical. If the PUR bulk melter is tilted and transferred, the positioning accuracy of the PUR bulk melter  may be damaged or the PUR  bulk melter may be damaged.


4. When moving or lifting the polyurethane hot melt applicator, only its base is allowed to be used as a transfer point. It is not allowed to use the stroke cylinder of the PUR hot melt applicator, electrical box doors, electrical components on the control panel, or thermal insulation pipes. The tube is used as an auxiliary to lift the hot melt glue machine, and abnormal transfer will damage the spraying equipment of the PUR bulk melter.


5. When moving or transferring the PUR bulk melter, it is necessary to block the power supply first, so that the pressure plate of the PUR bulk melter and the glue in the glue bucket can be cooled before it can be moved.