What are the characteristics of the double core nose wire?


     Today, after more than ten months of control of the new crown epidemic in my country, the number of new epidemics in foreign countries in a single day is still as high as 100,000, with the United States, India, and Brazil being the most violent. Masks are still an important protective equipment, with the largest sales in the world. Many factories use existing equipment to process and produce mask accessories to contribute to the global epidemic.


     So what are the characteristics of the 5mm double core nose wire used in the kn95 mask? It has two iron wires inside, so it has a good shaping effect and can be bent 10 times without breaking. It is made of high-quality PP rubber with a smooth surface and good sealing. , Non-rebound and other characteristics; and then perfectly combined with non-woven materials and environmentally friendly materials through polymer welding; make good contact between the wearer and the face, and play a role in dust prevention and virus isolation.