What are the treatment methods for masks after use?


Hot water, incineration, and shredding are not acceptable. The correct way to deal with used masks(nose wire) should be:


Ordinary citizens who have no symptoms of fever or cough can put masks in the "hazardous garbage" bin after use.


Citizens with fever, cough and other symptoms can soak them in boiling water for 30 minutes or disinfect them with alcohol spray, then seal them and discard them in the "hazardous garbage" bin.


Note: There is a difference between [Scalding with boiling water] and [Soaking with boiling water]. The scalding has not undergone continuous high temperature, which cannot meet the disposal requirements of discarded masks. If you use boiled water to dispose of discarded masks, the soaking time should reach 30 minutes.


Don't think about saving the use of disposable masks, especially in this serious situation now!