The scope of application of pur bulk melter


      The industrial application of the pur bulk melter is to heat the pur hot melt glue into a molten state, and spray it to the bonded object through a hot melt hose and a hot melt glue gun, so that the bonded objects are bonded together. Therefore, the most basic function of the pur bulk melter is to melt the pur hot melt adhesive and spray it out to sizing the adhesive material. It comes with a control system that can manipulate the temperature, air pressure, liquid transportation and squeeze sizing in one mechanical equipment.


       For some small and medium-sized enterprises or irregular dispensing products (such as small toys, small decorations, etc.), after the manual spray gun is assembled, no other equipment is needed, and the glue can be applied by itself. For some industries, it can save the investment cost of large-scale automatic equipment; It can also be equipped with large-scale automatic dispensing equipment for automatic dispensing, which can double the production efficiency (such as regular dispensing speakers, photo frames, household appliances, etc.).