How many earloop does a mask use


      Generally speaking: look at the length of the mask itself. 165-175 mm for adults, 125-145 mm for children,

There is also elasticity: the tensile strength ratio is generally 1 to 2 to 1 to 3.

Masks are classified according to the raw materials, which can be divided into non-cloth masks, gauze masks, and activated carbon masks. The difference in raw materials and the expected effect of safety precautions are irrelevant. What is really relevant is whether the overall design of the mask is reasonable, and the mask and face shape This kind of compliance level.

       Non-cloth-proof mask earloop : one type is made of pure cotton de-oil gauze or textile fabrics, with various non-proof cloth sewn in the middle;


      Another kind is sewn immediately by non-proof cloth. The filter function is powerful. The mask earloop  manufacturer has a slightly weaker air permeability. The type is non-cloth-proof material on the surface and back, and a sterile filter in the middle, which makes the filtering effect of the non-cloth-proof mask one step higher.


      gauze mask earloop  are made of scarce cotton fabric through sewing and production, and are suitable for working geographic environments that contain relatively low concentrations of harmful substances and vapors.