How to clean the glue tank of the hot melt glue machine


First, the cleaning cycle.


The bonding system of hot melt adhesive needs to be maintained and cleaned according to the frequency of bonding. Generally, the bonding system that works continuously for 24 hours needs to be cleaned once a month; the general frequency can be cleaned once every quarter; it is recommended to clean at least once every six months.


Second, the cleaning step.


1. Put the glue.


First, clean the hot melt glue in the glue tank and hose, and then remove the hot melt nozzle to clean it; the residue in the slag hole of the hot melt glue tank should also be drained.


2. Boil and wash.


Put paraffin wax into the glue tank that discharges the hot melt glue, set the temperature of the glue tank, hose, and glue gun to 140°C~170°C and keep it for more than 4 hours. If the hot melt adhesive used is a pressure-sensitive adhesive type, boiling with cleaning oil will have a better effect. The removed hot melt glue gun nozzle can be put into a container, add paraffin wax, and cook on the electric stove for about 1 to 2 hours. If there is stubborn dirt, you can use a needle to cook for a period of time to clear it, and take it out after cooking.


3. Drain the cleaning agent.


The boiling glue tank first discharges part of the cleaning agent from the slag discharge port of the hot melt glue tank. After the residue is not discharged, it is changed to discharge from the hot melt glue gun through the hose (no nozzle is required) until it is discharged. If there is more detergent in the glue tank, it can be discharged from the slag discharge hole and glue gun at the same time.


Third, put it into use.


After cleaning, it can be put into production and use according to normal use. If the paraffin wax is not completely empty in the glue tank, a small amount of hot melt glue can be added first, and the part will be discharged after melting, and then the glue can be used normally.