Application of pur bulk melter in mattress and sofa industry


     Sleeping and rest is a daily behavior that everyone must do. As a place to sleep and rest, mattresses and sofas have become essential household items in people's daily lives. With the improvement of consumers' living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the safety of the surrounding homes such as mattresses, sofas, etc., that is, strong durability, good performance, high quality and environmental protection. At the same time, new requirements are also put forward for some household furniture product components. Traditional sofas and mattresses have an odor, which may even affect the health of consumers. In order to change this situation, pur hot-melt adhesive and pur bulk melter   have entered sofa and mattress manufacturers.


      Pur hot melt adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive, non-toxic and odorless. The pur hot melt glue machine is a necessary machine for pur glue bonding, and it also enters the mattress industry. Mattress application pur bulk melter usually adopts 55 gallon glue machine, equipped with double-tube double spiral spray gun, can use manual glue gun to glue, or it can be used with automatic equipment to automatically glue glue. The length of the standard hot melt hose is 2 meters, and customers can also customize it upon request. The manual hot melt glue gun needs to be held manually, and gently pull the trigger to control the glue out.