Analysis of the reason why the hot melt glue machine produces more glue


The quality of a hot melt glue machine can be seen from the stability of the glue output. The stability of the glue output is the basic requirement for the hot melt glue machine. If such a bad phenomenon occurs, it must be dealt with in time. Jingtai hot melt adhesive machine manufacturer analyzes the reasons why the hot melt adhesive machine produces more and less glue here.


1. Check whether the set temperature of the hot melt glue machine, hose, and glue gun has reached the operating temperature of the hot melt glue. If one of the three has no temperature, the glue will be unstable.


2. Check whether the heating and temperature control device of the hot melt glue machine is normal, and repair it in time.


3. It is possible that the hot melt glue spraying machine is not regularly maintained, and there are carbide impurities in the melt box, which forms the blockage of the entire glue delivery channel.


4. Add glue in time when using the hot melt glue machine. If the amount of glue in the glue box is too small, adding a lot of glue will cause the temperature in the glue box to drop significantly, which will affect the glue output. The normal glue level should be kept at about 80%, so that glue can be added in time.


5. The hot melt adhesive contains too much impurities or falls into too much ash layer during storage, so it is necessary to choose a good quality hot melt adhesive and keep it well, which not only affects the spraying effect of the hot melt adhesive spraying machine , And even affect product quality.