Application of pur bulk melter in sealing


       As the speed of technological development continues to increase, it has a certain impact on people’s lives, economy and industry. Nowadays, people can buy their favorite products without leaving their homes and deliver them directly to their homes. The quality is also guaranteed. , If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time. Online shopping has become a fashion. The convenience it brings to people not only saves time and effort, but also provides excellent services to meet the consumption concept of modern people.


       In the era of online shopping, packaging cartons were once pushed into a hot wave. Pur hot melt adhesive plays a very important role in the sealing process of new cartons and packaging cartons. Compared with the traditional transparent adhesive paper sealing machine, the power consumption cost is slightly higher, but it does not require the use of separators. The adhesive strength is greater than the sealing strength of the transparent adhesive paper. Only this point, a 0.1 cubic carton can reduce the cost of the partition by 0.8RMB. In addition, the amount of pur hot melt adhesive in the use of raw materials is very small, and each box can also reduce the cost. 0.06RMB, comprehensive consideration can reduce the cost of 0.56RMB per box. More importantly, the use of pur hot melt adhesive to seal the box has high bonding strength, good appearance, conforms to environmental protection requirements, has good anti-counterfeiting effects, and improves product grades. At present, the use of pur bulk melter  to seal has become a large number of products. The development trend of outer packaging and sealing.