Why is there color difference in the earloop of color mask


      The common problems of earloop color difference are: color difference between the sample webbing sample and the original version of the customer; the color difference between the webbing after the customer approves the color card and the batch webbing after going out.

may cause chromatic aberration due to:

     Raw material material and production batch number: reflective surface complex light; the difference of the organization structure, the level of intimacy; the difference of the dyeing ribbon processing technology: the dyeing method, the quality of the dye; the dyed batch and the determined sample strip and the middle of the strip Horizontal color difference, vertical color difference in the middle of each strip, machine equipment and standard difference, color difference in the middle of the dyed batch number, etc.;

      Ribbon characteristics: ultra-low temperature dyeing of cotton ribbon, organic cotton ribbon, bamboo charcoal fiber ribbon, high temperature dyeing of polyester fabric ribbon and polyester ribbon, the difference in characteristics is different, which is also the cause of color difference.