Can N95 masks prevent smog?


      For N95 masks, whether it is aluminum nose wire or double-core nose wire, the filtering effect of KN95 masks can reach more than 95%. So can N95 masks prevent smog?


      It has been pointed out in medicine that small particles smaller than 2.5 microns (called PM2.5) can cause severe inflammation, which can lead to heart disease, lung disease and cancer. Many studies also show the same results. Therefore, reducing air pollution in an area can help improve the health of community members, reduce the number of emergency room visits, and reduce the total number of deaths. Reducing contact with polluted air can improve health: Yes, this seems obvious, but scientific research is often full of various assumptions, so we need to further reflect on previous research.


      Construction sites, paint spraying, metal polishing and other industries are full of dust, heavy metals and dangerous gases. For decades, construction workers, paint sprays, metal polishers and other employees have rarely seen N95 masks at work. They basically wear professional anti-haze masks and change their breathing filters every 2 days. Although laboratory test results prove that N95 masks have a filtering efficiency of at least 95% for inhaled air, but for heavy metals and dangerous gases in special industries, N95 masks do not seem to be able to exert their real effects. Therefore, anti-smog must be worn professionally. Of anti-haze masks.