How is the application of PUR bulk melter in the automotive industry?


Pur bulk melter  are also widely used in the automotive industry, such as automotive interiors, automobile body seals, lamps, etc., all use pur hot melt adhesives.


1. Bonding of car interiors: whether it is leather or plush car mats, this multi-layer structure is pasted by pur hot melt adhesive. In addition, the wood grain decorative panels and the plastic sheets wrapped around the edges of the car doors are all made of pur heat. Adhesive bonding.


2. Front windshield and headlight packaging: glass products such as windshield and headlights have poor temperature resistance and are easy to explode in high temperature environments. Therefore, only a lower temperature can be selected when glueing and bonding. Adhesive, this is just enough for pur hot melt adhesive. It can react and solidify with moisture in the air at a lower temperature, and the bonding firmness is very good.

3. Sealing of the welded parts of the body cover: In the later stage of the vehicle installation, the body's sealing requirements are very good, and the joints should be as small and smooth as possible to ensure the appearance of the car. The glue must be odorless and environmentally friendly, weather-resistant and water-resistant. The performance of pur hot melt adhesives can meet these points, and the demand of the automotive market will be a major development direction of pur hot melt adhesive machines.