Technical requirements for hot melt adhesives for cartons


       The use of hot melt adhesives in cartons is relatively large, and stable bonding effects are required. This is a major trend in the use of sealed packaging consumables. A small amount of carton packaging does not require fast sealing equipment, and the hot melt adhesive technology requirements for a large number of carton packaging are different. So, what are the technical requirements for fast sealing with hot melt adhesive?

       Hot melt adhesives used for fast sealing are generally small flake particles that need to be dried quickly. The glued carton needs to be glued immediately, and the glue is not easy to break. The surface density of the high-quality high-grade carton after surface treatment is high, and a certain degree of adhesion of the hot melt adhesive is required. When hot melt glue is stuck on the box, the glue will break and penetrate the surface material. It can not only improve the auxiliary force between the glue and the surface of the carton, but also prevent the glue from overflowing from the back, which is the most ideal sealing effect.