How is the elasticity of the ear loop in the mask?


The elasticity of our company’s ear loop is   1:2.9+

So how do you judge the elasticity of the ear loop?

Burning: near the flame, it melts and burns, drips and bubbles out. It does not continue to burn immediately. It smells like lettuce. Hard, round, light, brown to dark gray, bead-like.


Certificate: In the case of purchase, I am also very worried. I am afraid that I will buy goods of poor quality. It is recommended to check their qualification certificates and think that there is no problem.


Color: Another thing is to look at the color, the color is generally all selected color tones. The color contrast here is all contrasting the original color number.


Hand feeling and appearance:

1.Whether the webbing body is stiff and loose;

2. the surface of the webbing is smooth and not smooth;

3 the softness and hardness of the webbing;

4 the thinness and thickness of the webbing;

 5 whether the surface of the webbing is flat and whether the seam is beautiful ;

6 Is the ribbon of the webbing parallel or not bent?