The formation and solution of hot melt adhesive impurities


      Impurities may appear in hot melt adhesives before and after use or even during use. Why is this? Therefore, it is necessary to study the formation of impurities according to the different states of the hot melt adhesive, and then find a solution.

      The formation of hot melt adhesive is the result of the joint action of a variety of chemical substances. Which substance is impure, or which two substances produce foreign bodies when reacting, these are the categories to be considered in the formation of impurities. Let me talk about impure raw materials first. The raw materials are used in the production of hot melt adhesives. Regardless of the color, initial viscosity, and yellowing resistance of the hot melt adhesive, the role of the raw materials is irreplaceable. However, if the raw materials are impure or the physical properties are unstable, the possibility of impurities will be greatly increased when used in the production of hot melt adhesive products. But sometimes hot melt adhesives may have black spots and uneven colors, which may be caused by uneven mixing of raw materials or conflicts in physical properties between various raw materials during the production of hot melt adhesives.

       Clean the glue pot, improve the glue application environment, and make the hot melt glue impurities disappear. Hot melt adhesive needs a melting process before use. Other impurities may be mixed in the whole process. For example, when gluing a book, paper scraps and dust may fall into the glue pot; there are more or less carbides deposited over the years in the furnace, which may be mixed with the newly melted glue, and so on. Perhaps a little dust will not have much influence on the use and performance of hot melt adhesives, but what if the adhesive itself must match the appearance of the product? This requires special attention from glue users.

       In order to avoid impurities in hot melt adhesives, manufacturers and users of hot melt adhesives must know the reasons for their formation. As a hot-melt adhesive manufacturer, you need to be responsible for the quality of the hot-melt adhesive and have requirements for the quality of the raw materials used, which provides a basis for producing high-quality products without impurities. As a hot melt glue user, the glue application equipment also needs to be in good working condition like hot melt glue, and it can be cleaned regularly according to the residual degree of the glue tank and glue gun.