The relationship between hot melt adhesive and gluing process


       In the production requirements of hot melt adhesives, it is more important not only to meet the surface characteristics of the adherend, but also to study the customer's gluing process and habits.

       The special gluing process will inevitably increase the use cost of hot melt adhesive. In the process of using hot melt adhesive, its state is constantly changing, and the gluing process is also different, which makes the performance of hot melt adhesive stand the test. Hot melt adhesive is not a conventional performance index. It is relatively rare in the market. Hot melt adhesive does not have the ability to adjust performance. Therefore, you need to use a hot melt adhesive that matches your own equipment's gluing process, and you must obtain a hot melt adhesive manufacturer. Fully cooperate with each other and specially adjust its performance indicators.

       The process on the production line is step by step, but the time of each process has a great relationship with the time for the hot melt adhesive to cool from liquid to solid. Due to differences in the efficiency of gluing equipment and production processes, especially the different bonding time after gluing, hot melt adhesive manufacturers cannot only develop one product to meet various bonding needs. If the gluing equipment is not a technical conventional operating mechanism, it is difficult to find the corresponding hot melt adhesive on the market. If you insist on using hot melt adhesives with properties that are incompatible with the process in order to save costs, the bonding effect of the product will definitely be unsatisfactory


       Therefore, many adhesion problems are caused by the mismatch between the performance of the hot melt adhesive and the coating process in production, rather than the quality of the hot melt adhesive. When hot melt adhesive products mature, they are still not comfortable enough in front of the various processes of adhesive production.