Method of hot melt glue stick to improve viscosity


Glue stick performance:

There are many varieties of hot melt glue sticks with complete specifications, ranging from 5mm to p20mm in diameter. The appearance colors are yellow, light yellow, white, translucent, completely transparent and other products.

Ways to improve viscosity:

How to increase the viscosity of hot melt glue stick? That is to say, the adhesive is added to the hot melt adhesive, that is, various groups have polar and non-polar groups, so the adhesive can penetrate the surface of the object very well. This will increase the viscosity. The second is to increase the fluidity compatibility of the hot melt adhesive to make the hot melt adhesive easier to penetrate, thereby increasing the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive.


Different hot melt adhesive strips have different viscosities for different materials. It is meaningless to compare viscosity blindly.