KF94 masks also have a shelf life


The service life of the KF94 mask(4mm nose wire) depends on the fabric material, technology and the habits of the wearer.

1. On the fabric: Since the mask is in direct contact with the face and mouth, its breathability, softness, flexibility and durability are the main factors that determine the life of the mask. Among them, the air permeability is directly related to the cleanliness of the KF94 mask. Only by ensuring the cleanliness of the KF94 mask can the KF94 mask perform its protective function and will not become a hotbed of bacteria.

Good softness can prevent itching and allergies when rubbing the face on the fabric, and to a certain extent can also extend the wearing time of the KF94 mask. In terms of flexibility and durability, it is related to whether the shape of the mask remains unchanged.

2. Technical aspects: With the high incidence of air pollution such as smog and the increasing intensity of air pollution, it is now necessary to improve the lifespan of KF94 masks, and continuous updates and technical improvements are needed. This not only requires the introduction of new filter material technology, but also requires excellent fit between the mask and the face.

3. Wearing habits: If the fabric and technology of the KF94 mask reach an excellent level, the service life will be at least 2 years. However, if the KF94 mask and cleaning and maintenance methods are not used in accordance with the scientific method, its service life will be greatly shortened.