The market value of pur bulk melter


        With the continuous popularization and application of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s demand for goods is increasing. In order to cope with this situation, many manufacturers are working hard to improve the production efficiency of their enterprises. Automated production can meet this requirement. demand. As a newly-started industry, pur bulk melter companies pay great attention to market development trends and the actual needs of commodity manufacturers, and always pay attention to let pur bulk melter gradually show their charm in the market and reflect their market value.

        Market demand is changing rapidly, as is the adhesive industry. At the beginning, liquid glue was widely used, which was not only poor in viscosity, but also very odorous. Long-term contact was very harmful to the body. Later, EVA hot melt adhesive was developed. This glue is solid at room temperature and has strong viscosity when heated to melt. , It is odorless and has a short curing time. It is an environmentally friendly adhesive; market demand promotes continuous improvement of products and processes. A new generation of pur hot-melt adhesives appears. Compared with EVA hot-melt adhesives, the same products are bonded, pur hot-melt adhesives. Less dosage, stronger adhesion. The use of special equipment pur hot melt glue machine and other automatic dispensing equipment greatly improves production efficiency and saves manpower and time.