Solve the problem of blocked nose wire for customers


       On March 9th, we received a notification from Haomenglai's customer that two newly added mask machines were blocked in the nose wire during debugging. The company's after-sales Xiaohuang immediately rushed to Haomenglai's customer company.


       It arrived at the customer company after 20 minutes. The newly installed two KN95 automatic mask machines with 5mm double core nose wire. After inspection, the conveying tightness of the non-woven fabric and the melt-blown fabric is not enough, and the non-woven fabric and the melt-blown fabric are too tight. Loose will squeeze the entrance of the nose wire, causing the entrance of the nose wire to be too small and often blocked.

       Another reason is that the nose wire is a bit to the right. After finding the reason, we appropriately moved the wheelbase of the non-woven fabric and the meltblown fabric slightly away to keep the fabric conveying tightly, and the nose wire entrance moved 2mm to the left.

       Everything is ready to start the trial operation for about 3 minutes, the nasal wire delivery is normal, there is no blockage, we gradually increase the speed to normal operation for 5 minutes, the new equipment can produce 10 more masks per minute than the previous old equipment, which is perfect Helped customers to solve the problem of blocked nose wire.


       It took less than 25 minutes from investigation to debugging before and after normal, which was highly praised by customers. The company has always put the first place for customers to solve the nose wire problem and enhance everyone's trust.