Advantages and disadvantages of hot melt glue sticks



1. The utility model has the advantages of fast bonding speed, good continuity, fast automation speed, and low cost.

2. No solvent pollution, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-combustible.

3. No drying process is required, and the bonding process is simple.

4. The product itself is sturdy, convenient for packaging, transportation and storage, and has a small footprint and is convenient for storage.

5. Good adhesion and flexibility.

6. The hot melt glue stick can be bonded with various objects, namely bonding and sealing.

7. Good gloss, gloss retention and shielding.



1. Limited performance, poor heat resistance, low bonding strength, and poor corrosion resistance.

2. Special hot-melt adhesive equipment, such as hot-melt glue machine and hot-melt glue gun, should be equipped during construction.

3. It will be affected by climate and season.