Classification of hot melt glue gun


       The pur bulk melter needs to be equipped with a hot melt glue gun. The reason is that after the pur hot melt glue is melted by the glue machine, if it is not heated during the conveying and gluing process, the pur hot melt glue will solidify again, and it will not be able to bond. Worked. The hot melt glue gun has precise breaking effect and a variety of nozzles, which can meet the requirements of different production lines. The unique filter design is good for cleaning and other characteristics.

       The special glue gun for pur bulk melter is characterized by heating, temperature sensing, and precise glue breaking. The general hot melt glue gun will not be deformed when used for a long time at a high temperature of 300. The joint is durable and can be made into a manual or automatic glue gun as required. According to the gluing method, it can be divided into: Dispensing gun, glue gun, glue scraper, glue gun. The smallest is as small as a mobile phone, and the largest length can reach 2M. The production is very flexible, and it solves the problem of hot melt adhesive gluing in all aspects.