Understand the characteristics of the N95 nose bridge wire production line


      The N95  nose bridge wire production line is divided into: all-plastic nose bridge wire production line, single-core nose bridge wire production line, and double-core nose bridge wire production line. Mainly consists of double-ended iron wire pay-off rack, iron wire felt cleaning device, iron wire preheater, iron wire straightening table, 50 extrusion host, electric box control cabinet, 1.5m movable water tank, 6m cooling water tank, 9m horizontal wire storage rack , Double-wheel tractor, 15KV power frequency spark machine, double-shaft take-up machine

Features of N95 nose Bridge wire Production Line:

1. The main machine is driven by a high-precision hard tooth surface reducer, the screw barrel is made of high-strength double-layer nitrided alloy steel, and the main machine is driven by a branded AC frequency conversion motor, which has low noise; the temperature controller uses an Omron temperature control meter to achieve ±0.5°C. 2. The stainless steel cooling sizing table (with constant temperature device) is made of 304 stainless steel. The water tank frame adopts a screw lifter device, which can be electrically adjusted three-dimensionally up and down, left and right. The operation is very convenient. It is equipped with a stainless steel water storage tank and a special imported centrifugal pump to cool the water. Can be recycled without splashing the ground. 3. The tractor adopts SMC high-precision ball guide system, the bearing adopts NSK brand bearing, and the transmission of the reducer adopts high-precision inverter control. 4. The rewinding machine adopts high-quality miniature automatic arranging device, which can rewind and discharge neatly.