The reason why the hot melt glue stick is not good for gluing


       The hot melt glue stick is not flat and difficult to apply. Regarding this problem, it may be a problem with the glue gun itself. The glue gun has low power, low heating temperature and long heating time. When the wine cellar owner does not completely melt and apply the rubber strips, the rubber strips will not be smooth. The glue should be heated for a period of time before use to ensure that the glue is completely melted. Or switch to a glue gun with a higher success rate to shorten the heating time and make the glue application smoother.


       The second is that the viscosity of the tape itself may be too high. At this time, you need to consult the manufacturer to use low-viscosity tape. Generally, high-viscosity adhesive strips are not easy to use.

The softening point of the tape may be high, but the heating temperature of the glue gun is not enough. At this time, we can consider replacing the glue gun with a stronger thrust.

The hot melt adhesive tape chosen by the customer is wrong; many hand-made products choose ordinary adhesive tape.


There are also the following problems:

There is no problem with the viscosity of the tape itself, but the product will break due to the long curing time of the tape.

Because of the large number of parts, the workers quickly applied glue. At this time, the melting speed of the hot melt glue stick cannot keep up with the worker's glue.