Whether the hot melt glue stick can be used repeatedly


        The hot melt glue stick is required to be used in conjunction with the hot melt glue gun of the same specification. First, put the hot melt glue stick into the hot melt glue gun and preheat for 3-5 minutes. After the hot melt rod is fully heated to the melting point in the hot melt gun, the molten hot melt will be coated on the adhered workpiece. When the temperature is lower than 75, hot-melt bonding can be achieved. Tips for using hot-melt rods Hot-melt rods can be reused and are environmentally friendly. When using hot melt rods daily, please pay attention to the following points:

1. The hot melt rod must be fully preheated with a hot melt gun.


2. The hot-melt glue stick must be pressed against the workpiece after it is fully melted, otherwise the characteristics of the hot-melt glue cannot be fully utilized. It is strictly forbidden to burn with a lighter, and a hot melt gun must be used.


3. The hot-melt glue stick should not be used in the hot-melt glue gun for a short time. Keep the head of the hot-melt glue gun upright to prevent the hot-melt glue stick from melting and flowing backwards. Do not pull out the used hot melt glue stick.


4. Hot melt glue stick is a kind of adhesive that is convenient for storage and transportation, and the shelf life is generally more than 12 months. Please do not store it in a dark place for a long time.


5. When the hot-melt rod is too hard due to excessive placement, it should be immersed in appropriate warm water to alleviate the problem caused by the excessively long hot-melt rod.